Sunday, February 12, 2012

When things go missing...

I have been very busy this past week, but the good part is it was mostly fun busy like getting together with friends and family. A lot of my knitting time is being taken up with things I've been commissioned to knit. Three of my coworkers have asked for hats and baby toys so I've been working on those almost exclusively. Unfortunately that means putting the Beekeeper's Quilt on hold for a bit. That makes me a bit sad since those hexipuffs are so much fun to knit.

The other morning Sam took our dog, Knox, to work with him (Sam manages a doggy day care so that's really not such a strange thing to do) About a half hour after he left, I got a call from him. This was a little weird since I never really get calls from him once he's gone to work unless it's something really important. He called to tell me when Knox went to the bathroom something unusual came out. Knox was never really one to get into things he shouldn't unless it was somehow related to food so when Sam told me he ate something I was a little bit shocked. I was more shocked when Sam told me he ate a hexipuff!!!
Knox and me. He's all innocence, isn't he?

After getting over the shock, then the relief that it didn't get stuck in him somewhere (I've helped pull stranger things out of dog's stomachs!) I was then immediately struck with the thought: 'Oh dear, I hope it wasn't one of the good ones!" Turns out it was Malabrigo... that stings a little.

The hexipuffs have now been assigned a high shelf on the bookcase so wandering mouths don't inhale them. You would think it would be the three cats that would get into my yarn and projects. Apparently that's just not the case in my house!


  1. This pretty much made my day, such a funny story! Sorry to hear about the poor puff though, I guess it never had a chance :(

  2. Oh Erin! It's the kids that get into my stuff - they are good at pulling knitting off needles, but fortunately none of them have developed a taste for wool!

  3. That is hilarious! I am glad there were no serious consequences. Well, other than a ruined piece of Malabrigo. We have a miniature dachshund that loves my yarn. Even since we got her I have to keep all projects and yarn out of her reach.

  4. OH, GEEZ! I think I would have experienced a similar series of emotions. HAHAHA. Silly doggy. Knox, obviously, has good taste in yarn. :-D