Monday, January 23, 2012

The last baby-related post... until the next one that is.

Today at lunch, a coworker was talking about a conversation she overheard in the ladies room at a Target between a woman and her 3 year old son.

Son: "Why are we here"
Mom: "Because I have to buy something."
Son: "What?"
Mom: Pause... "I have to buy feminine products."
Son: "What are femini-nin-ine products."
Mom: "Well, they're for girls."
Son: "Oh, can we get some for Amanda?" (I assume here Amanda is his sister.)
Mom: "Well no, honey, they're for grown-up girls."
Son: "Oooh." Pause..."Can I play with them?"
Mom: "No."
Son: "Why not, are they sharp?"

It's hilarious what kids will say.

Speaking of kids, I've finished the Celestine star for the baby shower. That's quite the story. So I ran to the pet store to get some cat toys, basically the balls with bells in them and I stuffed the star full of fiber-fil and bells.

The next step is to pick up stitches along each side. As I did this, I was getting a very sneaky suspicion that I wasn't going to have enough yarn left to finish the last point of the star. I hate that feeling. It feels like I'm racing against the clock, my heart is pounding, the anticipation is killing me. I notice I'm knitting a lot faster than I normally do, possibly because I just can't handle the suspense. I didn't have to wait forever...

I ran out of yarn. I couldn't believe it. Lucky for me, I have an extensive stash of leftover sock yarn. So extensive, in fact, that I found almost an exact match for the green that I was using. I'm hoping it's close enough that no one will notice it's tonal instead of solid. Can you tell?

I'm sure the baby won't mind!

I promise my next post won't having anything baby related. I hope so, at least!


  1. I know I said this last time, but I absolutely love how colorful this toy is. It is so perfect for babies too!

  2. I'm loving this toy! My BFF is preggers, and I am officially convinced baby needs to own one of these. :-D