Sunday, January 15, 2012

Seeing Double

Just over a year ago, my brother and his wife expanded their family by two and as ecstatic as I was to have twin nieces, I don't think I know what I'm in for in the knitting department. Two pairs of tiny little infant socks is no problem at all. Two little sweaters that only seemed big enough to fit a doll was also a breeze. In fact, it's really not been that big a deal to make double of everything I make for the girls. The problem might come later when they're bigger! Right now I'm just smitten by how tiny every thing is, which may be entirely due to my baby fever. I'm just happy Sam, my boyfriend, hasn't gone running for the hills every time I gush over the babies and the clothes I make them! Pretty much every time one of them does something ridiculously cute I turn to him with those big doe eyes and say "Don't you want one?", or "How is this not killing you with cuteness right now???" and my personal favorite "They're making my uterus hurt, they're so cute!"

My brother and his wife just moved back to the US about a month ago. They had been living in England for the past two years for my sister-in-law's job. The transfer wasn't all it was cracked up to be, not to mention the addition of twin girls with no family around to help raise them brought them back to the States and I couldn't be happier. They now have an instant babysitter and I'll get some baby-raising practice. Sam has never really been around babies so doesn't quite know how to interact with them. I'm hoping time, and exposure might cure that!

I would love to post pictures of the girls, but I'd need permission from their parents first. I guess you'll just have to take my word for it that they are so cute they could sell baby things! Maybe that's just me being a biased aunt, but seriously, these girls are adorable.

Mittens for twins
Recently, my brother and sister-in-law requested mittens with thumbs for them. Up until this point, they've been wearing the thumbless mittens because that's what fit them. The poor girls are getting very frustrated now that they are getting extremely good at grasping things. It never ceases to amaze me how much more coordinated they get each time I see them.

Though I will say, even though these girls are good-natured, I do not wants twins when I finally start having babies of my own. Seeing my brother and his wife be extremely exhausted, it seems to me one baby at a time is a breeze (I'm sure the truth is that one can be just as exhausting.) I realize this is not a choice and as luck would have it there are now two sets of girl twins in the family, how that happened no one really knows. I suppose we'll see if I dodge the bullet, because honestly, how often does lightning strike three times? If I don't, I'm sure I'll find a way to make it work and be just as happy as if they came one at a time.


  1. Baby knitting is the best kind of knitting for sure. Two to knit for is better than one ; )

    Those mittens are simply adorable too!

    1. Thanks! I do love knitting for the little munchkins!

  2. I LOVE Baby Knits! I think twins would be so fun! Definitely, exhausting, but fun!